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Indian Entrepreneur

     We often get inspiration from people who have become very much successful in their commercial  life . Businessmen occupy chief position among such people. However not all are born with a silver spoon in mouth. They work really hard, fight with circumstances, strain every nerve to achieve what they believe in. They become our source of inspiration not because of the wealth they have achieved but due to the fight they fought against all odds, leadership and management skills exhibited during course of life that helped them to make logical decisions which subsequently resulted in creating business empire today.Today, I am going to discuss about one such person named 'Chandubhai Popatbhai Virani' ,owner of Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. The ppt given below explains in brief his business journey which is truly inspirational not only for management students but for anyone who thinks big and desire to achieve his dream.
     Born in Dhundhoraji village of Kalavad Taluka and was a son of farmer Popatbhai Virani. In 1972, he and his brothers Bhikhubhai, Kanubhai and Meghjibhai migrated from a small village in Jamnagar district to Rajkot. Due to poor economic conditions, his father sold ancestral agriculture land and gave Rs. 20,000 to his sons to venture into business. He Invested in farm equipment & fertilizers business. Unfortunately due to lack of knowledge and experience; someone supplied them duplicate fertilizers and they lost all their money. This business failed drastically after which he Started canteen for college students when he was just 17 years old (that too failed).
      Then in 1974 with his brother Bhikhubhai he started working in Astron cinema canteen. They began selling refreshments. later on, there were given responsibility to manage ticket counter as well as doorkeeper which they fulfilled religiously. Seeing their enthusiasm Govindbhai – the cinema owner, handed over the canteen to them on contract basis in 1976. 
     They used to buy other local brand or loose wafers and packet them. The turning point came was in 1982 when they started making their own chips and wafers with just 1 tawa. Later on decided to sell their wafers to other shops. This was the time when they first coined their brand “Balaji. Their motto was to satisfy end consumer. And they did.From 1 shopkeeper to 10 and in time they had 200 loyal customers. He himself used to cook wafers. Till 1989, wafers were made at Virani residence and were being distributed in and around Rajkot city. But due to demands increasing massively, in the year 1989; for the first time Balaji Wafers invested INR 5 lakhs and took their biggest leap by setting up a plant in Aji, ‘Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation’s’ industrial estate better known as ‘GIDC’ in Rajkot.
     In 1982-1989 set up machines for peeling, cutting with 10-20 kg capacity but profits were wafer thin. In 1989 they brought 1000 meter plot with Rs 3.6 lack bank loan and expanded from 2 tawas to 8. After 3 years they succeeded with turnover of Rs 3 crore. In 1989,set up their first automated wafer-making plant at a cost of Rs 50 lacks. In 2003-04, installed a fully automatic machine with capacity of 1,200 kg per hour. Between 2000 and 2006, Balaji captured a 90 % chips industry in Gujarat, and also got leaders in namkeen with 70% market share . Likewise, its markets in Maharashtra and Rajasthan also increased exponentially. They set up yet another machine in Valsad in 2008 with a processing ability of 8,000 kg of potatoes producing 2,000 kg of Murphy chips per hour. The troupe now has a susceptibility to make around 450,000 kg of potatoes per day and 400,000 kg of namkeen per day.
     Small wafer business which started in a canteen of small theater with one tawa has now expanded to a big fully automated plant which covers over 85,000 sq. m and creates indirect employment for more than 1000 people. In 2014 the turnover was around rs1000 crore including exports of products to abroad. The Economic Time recognized Balaji Group as 'Sultan of Wafers’. International magazine i.e. Asia Pacific food online published a special article with 'Chip Off the Old Block' tag.
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